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February 1, 2018
Specialists of CJSC NEM began assembling hydraulic units at the Kuma and Serebryansk hydroelectric power stations.

August 27, 2017
Specialists of Closed Joint-Stock Company Nordenergomontage have begun work on major overhaul of the second hydroelectric unit of Serebryanskaya HPP-2.

August 1, 2017
The overhaul of the first hydroelectric unit of the Kuma hydroelectric power station began in the Republic of Karelia.

April 10, 2017

Hydro unit No. 3 at the hydroelectric power station Niva GES-3 PJSC "TGC-1" was put into major repair.

In the late 1930's., work was begun on the construction of the first underground station in the Soviet Union. For the time of The Second World War the construction was frozen. The first stage of the Niva HPP-3 was commissioned in 1949. This station is unique: its engine room is located in the depths of the rock, at a depth of 76 meters from the surface.

Niva HPP-3 is the lower stage of the Nivsky hydroelectric power station cascade, located 5 km from the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea.

The installed capacity of the Niva HPP-3 is 155.5 MW. The average annual generation of electricity is 877.02 million kWh.

For four months, specialists of Closed Joint-Stock Company Nordenergomontage will carry out major repairs of hydroelectric unit No.3. During the repair, the main components of the radial-axial hydroturbine will be restored, as well as the rotor and stator of the generator.

Planned deadline for completion of work is July 7, 2017.