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August 1, 2018
Work continues on the reconstruction of spillway of Nizhnetulomskaya HPP.

June 1, 2018
During the overhaul of the turbine of hydroelectric unit No. 1 on ANGAT HE PLANT (HPP Angat) (Republic of the Philippines), the dismantling of the unit was completed.

March 9, 2018
The specialists of ZAO NEM successfully completed the major overhaul of hydroelectric unit No. 2 of Serebryanskaya HPP - 2.

August 1, 2017

The overhaul of the first hydroelectric unit of the Kuma hydroelectric power station began in the Republic of Karelia.

The construction of the hydroelectric power station began in 1961 and ended in 1963. The Kuma HPP was built simultaneously with the Iovskaya HPP. The first hydroelectric unit was commissioned on December 30, 1962, and at the end of 1963 the Kuma hydroelectric station was put into commercial operation.

The capacity of the HPP is 80 MW, the average annual output is 346 million kWh. In the building of the hydroelectric power station there are 2 rotary-vane hydroelectric units with a capacity of 40 MW.

Specialists of Closed Joint-stock Company Nordenergomontage will carry out a complex of repair works to restore the standard operating characteristics of hydroelectric unit No. 1 with the use of modern materials and technical solutions to ensure that they are carrying a nominal load for seven months. The hydraulic unit will be completely dismantled and checked. Exhausted parts will be replaced with new ones or subjected to repair repair, including the replacement of the stainless lining of the turbine shaft in the factory.

The completion of the repair is scheduled for February 27, 2018.