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October 01, 2018
The team of specialists of CJSC NEM started the repair and anticorrosion protection of the hydromechanical equipment of the water intake of the Nizhne-Teriberskaya hydroelectric station.

September 17, 2018
Specialists of CJSC NEM started the overhaul of the hydraulic unit of the Nizhne-Svirskaya hydroelectric power station.

August 1, 2018
Work continues on the reconstruction of spillway of Nizhnetulomskaya HPP.

March 20, 2009

As a result of carrying out of the open competition, Joint-Stock Company " Nordenergomontage"  has been recognized as a winner for performance of the major overhaul of the hydrounit No 1 of Belomorsk hydroelectric power station on Vygskiy Cascade of hydroelectric power stations of branch " Karelian " of Open Society " TGK-1 ". In the republic Kareliya on hydroelectric power station No 6, less than for three months, experts of our Company will make full disassembly of the water-wheel No 1 on Belomorsk  hydroelectric power station for replacement of some details on new, and also carrying out of regenerative repair of shaft of the turbine, the generator and the plug of footstep bearing.

During repair it will be made defectoskopy of the parts and details, the revealed damages are removed and technical parameters of the unit are brought in exact conformity to requirements. On the completion of repair and carrying out of all necessary measurements and checks, the hydro unit will be anew collected, diagnosed and started up in operation.

Scheduled term of the repair from July, 6th, till September, 20th, 2009.