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October 01, 2018
The team of specialists of CJSC NEM started the repair and anticorrosion protection of the hydromechanical equipment of the water intake of the Nizhne-Teriberskaya hydroelectric station.

September 17, 2018
Specialists of CJSC NEM started the overhaul of the hydraulic unit of the Nizhne-Svirskaya hydroelectric power station.

August 1, 2018
Work continues on the reconstruction of spillway of Nizhnetulomskaya HPP.

Hydropower equipment reconstruction, repair and adjustment

The company deals with installation, reconstruction, adjustment of hydropower equipment of power stations. It is our main activity. We repair all known types of hydro generators.   Engineers of our enterprise repair and reconstruct most cascades of hydropower stations in the Northwest of Russia and in Russia's neighboring states. We carry out utter fault finding of engines and node points. We carry out adjustment and alignment, check and test equipment. These tests include open-circuit test and heavy-duty test. We also construct hydropower equipment and carry out engineer works according to customer order. Qualification and experience of our specialists allows carrying out all types of work, which were earlier performed at the factory only. In 2007 we finished the cascade reconstruction of Serbryanskaya HPP. We replaced outmoded machinery and installed the new one, which has a unique blade adjustment mechanism.

We have also carried out huge repair of hydropower equipment at Tuloma and Niva cascades. 
We have developed a new complicated repair mechanism (while turbine cover is being raised). This method makes it possible not to dismantle the unit, thus it helps to save time. 
We have all the necessary equipment for carrying out reconstruction. We have a unique pin boring machine. Thus it makes it possible to repair all the necessary equipment. Cargo handling is carried out with the help of long span traveling-bridge with capacity of 50/10 tones. Welding is carried out by the qualified staff. Everything is done with the help of modern equipment.